Gender Stereotypes

Ad #1 Revlon


This advertisement for Revlon makeup reflects a female gender stereotype. It shows this beautiful model with perfectly flawless. It conveys the message that if you use this product, your skin will look just like the model in the photo.

Revlon calls this makeup Nearly Naked. This suggests that it will barely coat your skin, leaving you with a thin layer of makeup that will give a flawlessly airbrushed look. This stereotype also suggests that the everyday woman’s skin looks like a models.

Ad #2 NYC Toddler


This advertisement is NYC’s attempt at shaming teen parents. This ad reflects a gender stereotype. It suggests that the sole blame for teenage pregnancy lies on the shoulders of the girl. It does not even suggest that the male is equally responsible.

This advertisement lumps all teenage parents into the same category. It does not take into account the exceptions. The statistics are a generalization that all teen parents are the same. It does not take into account that every situation, every teenage parent and their child are different.

Ad #3 Dolce & Gabanna


This advertisement both reflects gender stereotypes as well as counters gender stereotypes. This ad shows a family with many children. It shows both the mother and the father in the photo. It conveys that the mother is nurturing and actively engaged in her children.

It also suggests that the father is equally involved. He is present in the photo and engaged with the children. The fact that the ad it shows the man in a nurturing manner with the children counters the typical male gender stereotypes.

Ad #4 Kraft


This advertisement portrays male gender stereotypes. This ad suggests that sex sells salad dressing. This man is perfectly flawless and half dressed, lying on a table with a bowl of salad. Your eye is immediately drawn to the half dressed man, not the salad dressing that is being advertised.

The salad dressing is being advertised, not the man; however, this ad suggests otherwise. It also gives the idea that if you eat salad you will, in fact, look like this man. It gives no hint of the hard work that goes into achieving a toned body, not just a healthy eating regimen.

Ad #5 Asonor


This advertisement for Asonor, portrays both male and female gender stereotypes. First, it makes no mention that Asonor is an anti-snoring product. It also shows that the man is a stereotypical “pig.” It shows his wife carrying his “dream girl,” into the bedroom so you can “Give back his dream.”

It suggests that all males dream of the sexy lifeguard. It also portrays the wife as a frumpy, old lady. She is wearing a very un-sexy nightgown and has curlers in her hair while the dream girl looks sexy.